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Kentucky Disability Resource Guide

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Community Living

Participant Directed Services (PDS)

Participant Directed Services (PDS) allows people eligible for Medicaid waiver services to choose their own providers for nonmedical waiver services. Provider choice gives members greater flexibility in the delivery of services received. Kentucky Medicaid members may participate in PDS if they currently receive or are eligible for services through the Home and Community Based Waiver (HCB), Supports for Community Living Waiver (SCL), the Acquired Brain Injury Acute Waiver (ABI-A), the Long-Term Care Brain Injury Waiver (ABI LTC) or the Michelle P Waiver (MP).
Phone Number:
(502) 564-6930

Personal Care Attendant Program

What is the Personal Care Attendant Program? Attendant services are provided for people 18 and older with functional loss of 2 or more limbs and who have the ability to hire and supervise an attendant. Services include assistance with personal care, housekeeping, shopping, travel, self-care procedures, meal preparation, and other daily activities. State and local funds are used by local organizations to provide services and programs that help maintain older persons in their own homes. Please contact the Department of Aging and Independent Living to determine whether there is a waiting list for services.
Phone Number:
(502) 564-6930 Ext 3477
Contact Email:

Supports for Community Living (SCL)

Supports for Community Living Waiver Program provides services to individuals with intellectual disabilities to support them to live in his or her own home (or with family) or in an agency supported home in the community rather than in an institution. A person who qualifies for the SCL waiver may choose to manage his or her own supports though an agency provider (traditional), manage qualified services themselves (Participant Directed Services), or through a blended approach.
Phone Number:
(502) 564-7700