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Kentucky Disability Resource Guide

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Supported Employment

Description: What is Supported Employment? Kentucky has over 80 entities that provide supported employment. Some are freestanding agencies that only provide supported employment. Others provide other services in addition to supported employment. When seeking supported employment, you may begin by talking with supported employment providers (KY Supported Employment Provider List). Alternatively, your first step may be contacting the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) where your OVR eligibility will be determined and referrals made to supported employment providers. Regardless, it is important to interview supported employment providers to learn about their ways of approaching employment services. As is true for all types of services, there is a significant range of quality

Eligibility Guidelines:
Do I qualify for Supported Employment services?
The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation determines OVR eligibility for supported employment services, and then makes referrals to supported employment providers. To find contact information for regional OVR offices, visit: As long as you’re found eligible by the OVR for supported employment, OVR pays the initial costs including Person Centered Job Selection, Job Planning Meetings, Job Development, Job Analysis, Job Negotiation, and supporting your learning and becoming established in the job. Then the Supported Employment Providers have a variety of ways of paying for long-term support services including problem solving on the job, and promoting job advancements. Either you may contact OVR first, or you may begin by talking with Supported Employment Providers who will connect you with OVR to determine eligibility.

For more information on Eligibility Guidelines, call Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation at (800) 372-7172 (in Kentucky) or (502) 564-4440.

More Information:
How can I apply for these services?
Call the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in Frankfort at (800) 372-7172 or (502) 564-4440.
What can I expect during this phone call?
– An appointment will be made for you to meet with a counselor
– You will apply for OVR services, specifying Supported Employment
– You can also access a list of service providers by calling the number above.


Phone Number: (800) 372-7172
Phone Number 2: (502) 564-4440
Resource URL: